How to Get Shovel and Find Buried Treasure in Warzone

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Image of Fortune's Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The new Warzone season not only adds a brand-new map to proceedings, but also plenty of easter eggs to discover within. One of those is a new lot of treasure, which you have to scour out yourself to uncover. If you need a helping hand, here is how to get the shovel and find buried treasure in Warzone.

In this Warzone guide, we'll run through the two key steps of this process: getting the shovel item required to dig, and finding the buried treasure hidden underground. Luckily neither are too taxing, so you should be able to uncover some loot during your average Warzone match.

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How Do I Get The Shovel in Warzone?

Of course, first off you'll need a shovel to dig up this buried loot. The bad news is there isn't a 100% guaranteed way to find a shovel every match. They are known to spawn more commonly in POIs such as the graveyard, however. A lot of the time you'll be able to find them directly around buried treasure locations, so once you know where to look for treasure, the shovels should follow naturally.

Therefore, your best bet is either to land at the graveyard — home of the zombie easter egg — and get a shovel there, or simply loot around Fortune's Keep. It's quite a small map, so you should find a shovel eventually.

Image of Fortune's Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone.
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How Do I Find the Buried Treasure in Warzone?

Once you've got a shovel, it's time to go digging for buried treasure. Among these drops can be all sorts of loot, especially plenty of cash to pay for loadouts or killstreaks. As you may expect, there aren't too many grassy patches of raw soil in Fortune's Keep, so the places to find buried treasure are limited.

Therefore, you'll find the main drops of buried treasure across the island's sandy coastline. Look out for mounds of sand that rise slightly above ground level, dotted along the sandy shores of Fortune's Keep. Head over to one with the shovel equipped, and press the action button to dig.


From there, it works very similar to any other loot crate in Warzone. A pile of goodies will emerge from the mound, ranging from guns to cash to plates. It's as good as the rarer supply boxes dotted around the island, so definitely worth trying out for some easy early-game loot.

That's all you need to know about getting a shovel and finding buried treasure in Warzone! While you're here, feel free to also brush up on how to get the Golden Keycard and open the bunker in Warzone.

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