How To Download The Warzone Season 5 Update FAST

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Season 5 of Warzone is scheduled for release on August 12th and although details on the new season are slim, fans are expecting a number of new fixes and weapons such as the TEC-9 which was recently leaked. Alongside new weapons, new Operators are also expected to arrive as the ongoing conflict between Stitch and Adler continues.

Typically, the launch of a season means players have to download a sizable update before jumping back into the action. This can often be a tedious process so we've found some handy tips and tricks which will allow you to download the update as quickly as possible.


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Warzone Season 5 Update Time

Based on when the Season 4 Battle Pass comes to an end, Season 5 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is expected to get underway on August 11th/12th depending on your time zones. A full breakdown on the exact start times can be found below:

  • Pacific US Time: Wednesday, August 11th, 21:00
  • Eastern US Time: Thursday, August 12th, 00:00
  • UK/BST: Thursday, August 12th, 05:00
  • Central European Time: Thursday, 12th August, 06:00

How To Download Warzone Season 5 Update Fast


Whether it's PS4 or PS5, PlayStation owners should be able to preload the Season 5 update a few days prior to the update going live. The best way to make sure your update downloads as fast as possible is to turn off all applications, have the update download, and put your console on Rest Mode.


As usual, make sure your internet connection is fine, maybe test the connection on your console, move it closer to the router and have an ethernet cable plugged in before starting the download.


For those with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X, go to the ‘Games & Apps’ menu and pick ‘Updates’ to see Warzone and start the download for Season 5.

Normally, both systems will download the update automatically but do the above just in case it doesn’t. Like the PlayStation, make sure your console is close to the router prior to starting the download, and to guarantee no interruptions, connect it with an ethernet cable to ensure the fastest speeds for your Xbox One, Series S, or Series X.



On PC make sure there’s enough space for Season 5 as these updates usually take up a lot of hard drive space. Make sure your internet is running well by testing it too by unplugging and replugging the router before you start the Warzone Season 5 download.

And that’s how to ensure that Warzone Season 5 will download fast for your system of choice, so make sure to follow those instructions.

For all the latest Season 5intel, be sure to check out our dedicated hub containing everything you need to know about the upcoming season!