How To Download The Warzone Season 6 Update FAST

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The start of Season 6 for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community. Players are waiting for multiple changes coming along with the update including major changes to Verdansk.

The update will feature the return of the original Gulag to the battle royale along with five new weapons that will be dropping free of charge The process of downloading the update can be tedious, however, we've found some handy tips and tricks that allow you to complete the download quickly, allowing you to jump right back on the battlefield!


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Warzone Season 6 Update Time

The official release date of Warzone Season 6 is on October 7th at 9 PM PT (October 8th at 5 AM BST).


How To Download The Warzone Season 6 Update Fast


PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will be able to download the update a few days prior to its launch. For downloading the update as quickly as possible, make sure that there are no applications running in the background to ensure a fast download speed. You can also place your console into Rest Mode to increase the update speed.

The update also requires a stable internet connection along with a secure signal. Players can also plug an ethernet cable into the back of the console to increase their speed and guarantee an uninterrupted download.



For starting the Season 6 download, head over to the 'Games & Apps' menu and select 'Updates'. You will find the updates for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War listed there. To make sure that the updates begin automatically from the next patch, check the 'Updates' tab in the system settings and select the 'Keep my games & apps up to date.'

Just like the PlayStation download, the best way to download the update quickly is to plug their console with an ethernet cable to ensure stable connectivity.


Warzone Season 6 update could usually take some time as they often require temporary copying room so before you begin the download, double-check there's enough room on your hard drive.


People can run an internet speed test to make sure their internet speed is up to the mark while downloading the update.

Follow these tips and the Season 6 update will download in the blink of an eye. For more Warzone intel, check out everything you need to know about the upcoming update in our dedicated hub.