How To Do The Superman Jump In Warzone

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As Season 3 of Warzone progresses towards the halfway stage, players have managed to uncover an unintended exploit that allows them to fall to the ground at a much faster speed than normal.

Known as the "Superman Jump," players are capable of reaching the maximum falling speed when jumping off some of Verdansk '84's tallest buildings, giving them the ability to hit the ground as fast as possible.

This particular tactic can be ideal if players are under fire from snipers or long-range weaponry that may be difficult to spot if the opposition is in a good hiding place.


Considering it gives players such an advantage when navigating the map, it's no surprise to see many attempting to utilise the mechanic to their advantage. Here's how to do a superman jump in Warzone!

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How To Do A Superman Jump

Warzone Superman Jump Tutorial

The process is relatively simple but will need some time to practice in order to jump like Clark Kent.


Firstly, get to the rooftop of a tall building in either Verdansk '84 or Rebirth Island. Once on the roof, make your way to the edge of the building.

When ready to jump, initiate tactical sprint to gain as much speed as possible, quickly snap your aim to the right, and press jump.

As soon as you jump, pull the parachute quickly then cut it to enter the fast fall animation. Once in the animation, pull the parachute again to glide safely towards the ground.

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Practice Makes Perfect!

As mentioned above, it may take a few attempts to master this particular mechanic but once you do, you'll find yourself navigating the map even faster than you already were!

For a visual guide, content creator CharrzzGaming uploaded a complete walkthrough which can be found below. Although the video shows the modern-day version of Verdansk, the process still works in Season 3.