How To Complete The Warzone Arms Deal Event At Nakatomi Plaza

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Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone is in full swing alongside the 80s Action Heroes Event. Alongside the limited-time event, Nakatomi Plaza from the Die Hard movie franchise has been added into Downtown Verdansk.

At the top of the skyscraper is a locked vault that can be opened by acquiring a keycard but inside the vault., there are a number of safety deposit boxes that require additional keycards to open.


One of the ways to acquire another keycard is by completing the Arms Deal public event, which also happens to be one of the challenges needed to earn an exclusive weapon blueprint.

In this guide, find out how to complete the Arms Deal event!

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How To Complete Warzone Arms Deal Event

Warzone Arms Deal Event How To Complete

Firstly, head to Nakatomi Plaza which currently towers over the rest of Downtown.

When there, head down the ramp that leads into the parking area. Once inside, advance down to the next level of the area which is where to begin the event.

On the second level, you will come across a truck which looks like the image below.

Warzone Arms Deal Public Event

Climb inside the truck where you'll come across a table with some electronic equipment. Interact with it to begin the Arms Deal event.

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With the event now underway, two waves of opposition will attempt to halt you in your tracks. Dealing with them is incredibly straightfoward.


Once all the enemies are dead, the keycard will appear on the floor.

Grab it and see what lies inside the deposit boxes!