Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament: Final Results

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Competitive Warzone often uses custom lobbies or kill races to determine the winners of tournaments. This time around, OpTic Gaming creative director Davis 'Hitch' Edwards has created an all-new format, much to the excitement of the community.

In a bid to spice up the existing formats, Hitch has organised a huge game of hide and seek featuring the very best Warzone players dropping into Caldera for a shot at earning thousands in prize money.

In this article, find absolutely everything there is to know about the tournament, including how to watch and information on the event format.

Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament Results

After five hilarious games of Hide and Seek, Team Booya eventually emerged as the winners of what was a tournament that proved to be a hit amongst players and viewers. Here's a full breakdown of the results:

  • 1st - Team Booya - 23 Points
  • 2nd - Team EmZ - 20 Points
  • 3rd - Team HusKerrs - 18 Points
  • 4th - Team Futives - 17 Points
  • 5th - Team JoeWo - 16 Points
  • 6th - Team Swishem - 14 Points
  • 7th - Team Sebas - 14 Points
  • 8th - Team StoneMountain64 - 13 Points

How to Watch Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament

The tournament was streamed on Hitch's Twitch channel. The VOD can be watched back so if you missed any of the action, you can enjoy everything that unfolded.

Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament Format

Four Seekers are tasked with the objective to find 96 Hiders that have been split into teams of four. The Hiders have to remain hidden in order for a chance to take home some prize money.

Details on how the Hiders are captured have yet to be revealed but as soon as more information is revealed, we will update this article with all the rules and regulations.

Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament Prize Pool

Like most Warzone tournaments, a sizeable prize pool is on the line for those dropping into Caldera. Those that manage to outlast the Seekers will win the lion's share of $25K in prize money. The prize money will be split between the Hiders and the Seekers as follows:


  • 1st - $4K
  • 2nd - $3K
  • 3rd - $2K
  • 4th - $1K


  • 1st - $8K
  • 2nd - $4K
  • 3rd - $2K
  • 4th - $1K

Hitch Hide and Seek Warzone Tournament Players

As expected, the competition will feature a variety of content creators from North America and Europe. Here's the complete list of players taking part:

  • Team Seekers - Tommey, Alxmnd, Newbz, Aydan
  • TeamShawnJGaming - ShawnJGaming, QueenBitty, aHTracT. Slacked
  • Team Rated - Mayappo, Rated, ForeignJase, Ottereyes
  • Team Hollyylive - Hollyylive, CheezyNacho, SupAustyn, FuelWC
  • Team RiaBish - RiaBish, EmiliaRose, Skrapz, Jukeyz
  • Team HusKerrs - HusKerrs, ScummN, LEGIQN, xUnRationaL
  • Team EmZ - EmZ, Robstar, Lenun, Kwrky
  • Team BritneyRaines - BrittneyRaines, NobuSpartan, Kenzrosey, iSmixie
  • Team Blake - Blakecissel, JorgeNotGeorge, NoisyButters, TBD
  • Team Booya - Booya, JsmoothHD, Fazedoozy, Theboisantana
  • Team Strafe_TV - Arrayyz, itsEyeQew, StrafeSlaps, Ebatez
  • Team NoGame - NoGame, Speros, ShadowFlame279, TBD
  • Team LuckyChamu - Repullze, LuckyChamu, TBD, TBD
  • Team p90princess - p90princess, TBD, TBD, TBD
  • Team Futives - Blaztful21, Cruuce, Lavxnder, Futives
  • Team Destroy - Stukawaki, Destroy, SuperEvan, Colorss
  • Team Swishem - Swishem, intechs, MrKerfuffle, MrsKerfuffle
  • Team Sebas - OPMarked, Sebas, jdevise, TrickyRick
  • Team StoneMountain64 - Sallyisadog, StoneMountain64, TBD, TBD
  • Team ZLaner - TimTheTatman, ZLaner, Dr Disrespect, DrLupo
  • Team Testyment - Testyment, LouiCM, Feefa, YT_Dr3w
  • Team JoeWo - JoeWo, Exzachtt, Braalik, bbreadman
  • Team ManiaC - ManiaC, Envader, JerKyTV, XSETRUSS
  • Team Zoomaa - SoapFPS, Zoomaa, Zee_Rp, BigBurg
  • Team GrandmasterGojj - GrandmasterGojj, DandroCasts, ModernWarzone, spidertiff
  • Team Strahfe - Strahfe, TeddyRecks, tdawgsmitty, Bluexx

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