Warzone Gulag Glitch Lets Spectators Access Matches

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With Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific expected to start imminently, players are continuing to drop into Caldera despite the wealth of bugs currently impacting the battle royale. As the community waits patiently for Raven Software to implement numerous fixes, yet another issue has caught the attention of those ending up in the Gulag.

The Gulag is Warzone's last-chance saloon, with players taking part in 1v1 duels for a second opportunity to drop back into the action and on several occasions, spectators are managing to access matches thanks to another exploit that has appeared.

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Warzone Pacific Gulag Glitch

Warzone Pacific Gulag Spectator Glitch
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Reddit user 'colemanni' was one player that managed to encounter the problem when attempting to win their Gulag. As they moved around the centre of the map, a player descended from the rafters and managed to run along the perimeter fence. As expected, they were unable to kill the intruder but their opponent was able to score a very straightforward elimination.

This particular exploit has led to widespread concern within the community, with one user claiming that accessing the Gulag can be done by climbing onto a barrel and into the action.

When Will The Gulag Glitch Get Fixed?

With the mid-season update right around the corner, there's every chance that Caldera's Gulag glitch is one of the several issues that are addressed in order to improve the current state of Warzone. For those that end up in the Gulag on a regular basis, you may have to pay some extra attention in case a third participant makes a sudden appearance.

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