Raven Announces Big Changes to Warzone's Gulag

Raven Software released a new Warzone blog post covering the Caldera map, but there was one nugget thrown in about some substantial changes coming to the Gulag. Starting December 8, if you're playing Vanguard, and December 9 for everyone else, you'll get a second shot at winning in the Gulag depending on how well you perform.

If you win in a Gulag, you'll respawn in the match like normal, but with whatever weapons and equipment you picked up during your time in said Gulag.

Raven recommends a strategy similar to one many players used in Iron Trials '84.

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Raven Announces Big Changes to Warzone's Gulag

Since you redeploy with your ammo and equipment, including throwables, you'll want to try and defeat your foes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You'll conserve ammo that way, but it takes practice and skill. It also takes careful reading of your opponent, and if they're using a wildly aggressive style, you're probably better off sacrificing the ammo and just getting the job done so you can respawn again.

It's not the only change coming with the Caldera map. The Power Rounds field upgrade is disappearing when the new update drops, and Raven is finally making changes to the Dead Silence upgrade.

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