Warzone Pacific: How To Attach Gasoline Cans To Ziplines

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific has officially launched, much to the excitement of Call of Duty fans. Players have been dropping into the new Caldera map along with familiarising themselves with the new guns and Operators that have been added to the arsenal. A new Battle Pass with a variety of intriguing rewards is also available.

With the latest update, players keep finding red Gasoline Cans in Caldera. They provide an interesting new mechanic and act as a Lethal Throwable in the battle royale. Additionally, they can also be used to counter the zipline campers. Find out how in this guide!

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How To Attach Gasoline Cans To Ziplines

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Reddit user ‘UnusualGenePool’ took to Warzone’s subreddit to share their accidental find of an existing game mechanic. As seen in the clip, players can attach a lit Gasoline Can to any zipline and it will blow up upon reaching the top. Here’s how you can replicate it:

  1. Light up a Gasoline Can at the start of the zipline
  2. Click on the interact button
  3. Send it up the zipline to the top
  4. Wait for the explosion

Any enemy camping at the top of the zipline is bound to take heavy damage due to this explosion. If the explosion doesn’t down anyone waiting at the top, it gives the player at the bottom a window to quickly zipline to the top and finish off the enemy to score a straightforward elimination.

Is Attaching Gasoline Cans to Zipline Broken?

It is a great game mechanic that provides players with an innovative way to score kills and deal with any zipline campers. The mechanic isn't overpowered so we expect players to use it to their advantage as Season 1 progresses!

For more Season 1 news, check out all of the Operators that will be arriving along with the other weapons joining the arsenal in the coming weeks.

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