Warzone Cheat Provider Offering Free Hacks to Players

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Despite the best efforts of Activision, hackers continue to drop into Warzone matches, much to the annoyance of the community. The arrival of Ricochet Anti-cheat was a step in the right direction, but cheaters still manage to slip through the net.

As Season 2 nears the halfway point, the issue of hackers ruining the battle royale is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Notable cheat provider EngineOwning has unveiled plans to offer a range of free cheats despite Activision posing legal action against the provider back in January 2022.

Warzone Pacific Free Cheats
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Warzone Pacific Free Cheats

Ricochet has demonstrated numerous ways in how it combats hackers that do manage to drop into the action. Ranging from turning innocent players invisible to nerfing their damage output, cheaters are getting frustrated.

In a bid to combat the anti-cheat, EngineOwning is set to release a number of free hacks that could lead to a huge influx of hackers.

An influx of hackers is bad news for legitimate players looking to get their fix of battle royale action. In addition to the free cheats, EngineOwning claims its technology bypasses Ricochet.

Will Ricochet Get Rid of Warzone Cheaters?

The addition of Ricochet has assisted in the ongoing battle against Warzone hackers but it has struggled to keep up with sudden increases in cheating. The announcement of free cheats is certainly worrying but the team behind the anti-cheat will do its best to ensure hackers don't ruin Caldera and Rebirth Island once again.

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