Warzone Players Share Excitement for Fortune's Keep Map

Image showing Warzone operator holding gun
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone operator holding gun
Credit: Activision

The launch of the new Fortune's Keep map is on the horizon much to the excitement of Warzone players.

Despite some members of the community sharing their frustrations with the possible removal of Rebirth Island, it appears many are looking forward to a new map appearing in the battle royale.

Fortune's Keep launches as part of Season 4 along with a new Battle Pass and Butcher as one of three Operators joining the roster. In amongst the criticism, some players are looking forward to the launch of a brand-new map packed with multiple Easter Eggs to uncover.

Players Excited by Warzone Fortune's Keep Map

On July 13, Activision shared an image showing the full overview of the new map leading to a wealth of opinions from players. Reddit user "phleep" shares a full image of the map, leading many to share their thoughts.

One commenter says that it "looks like an awesome change of scenery" in addition to claiming that "Rebirth complainers have already completely written it off" without dropping into the action.

Fortune's Keep adds a breath of fresh air for those looking for an alternative to Rebirth Island which has appeared in Warzone since December 2020.

It's unclear if the map will make a return or if Fortune's Keep will become the permanent alternative to Caldera. Will the new map lives up to the success of Rebirth Island or will the map resembling Alcatraz return sooner than expected? Only time will tell.

Ahead of its launch, some are already looking for the best Fortune's Keep landing spots to utilise at the start of a match. Check out our guide for all the intel!

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