Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle: How to Unlock in Warzone and Vanguard

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Season 2 of Warzone and Vanguard is well underway and as players continue to get their fix of multiplayer and battle royale action, Activision is repaying the patience of the community. Following delays and persisting through issues that impacted gameplay across both titles, the publisher is hosting a Double XP weekend in addition to a brand-new cosmetics bundle known as Forbidden Sacrifice.

For players that drop into Vanguard or Warzone during the Double XP event, the bundle is completely free of charge, unlike the majority of bundles available in the store.

With a wealth of items on offer, many are already wondering how to get their hands on this opportunity to save some COD Points and cash. With that said, find out how to unlock the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle in Warzone and Vanguard in this handy guide!

Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle Warzone Vanguard
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What Is In The Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle?

The bundle contains a total of nine items available to use in Warzone and Vanguard. Ranging from a Legendary Operator Skin to exclusive weapon blueprints, the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle is one of the more unique offerings. In addition, players are entitled to a free Battle Pass tier skip.

Alongside the single tier skip, a further ten skips are up for grabs, giving players a total of 11 skips to advance their Battle Pass as quickly as possible.

How to Unlock Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle

Rather than spending 2,400 COD Points, the process of unlocking the bundle is easier than usual. Simply log into Warzone or Vanguard between February 18 and February 22 to get your hands on the bundle.

Once you log in, a prompt showcasing the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle should appear alongside an option to obtain the bundle. If not, head to the Store, click on the bundle, and unlock all of the free content!

If you attempt to unlock the goods once the time has expired, you will need to pay the points so it makes plenty of sense to get it while it's free!

Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle Warzone Vanguard
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Is The Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle Worth It?

Considering the monetary total of the bundle is over £20, securing the bundle and 11 tier skips without spending a single penny makes plenty of sense.


The content within the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle may not float the boats of all Vanguard and Warzone players but it's a great opportunity to advance the Battle Pass with ease.

In my opinion, the Forbidden Sacrifice bundle is a nice touch following the issues impacting Warzone's switch to Caldera in addition to the bugs and glitches affecting Vanguard. Nobody knows when Activision will offer players an opportunity of this nature so it's best to take it while there's a chance to do so.

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