New Warzone Hack Allows Players To Fly Across Verdansk

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Ever since the launch of Warzone, the popular battle royale has seen its fair share of bugs, glitches, and hacks alongside Activision's ongoing battle to prevent cheaters from dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island. With Season 5 underway, players are continuing to encounter all kinds of cheats as the focus begins to switch to Call of Duty: Vanguard's release.

Rather than having some kind of supernatural aim or the ability to see through walls, cheaters have now found a way to fly around the map in a similar fashion to the plane that drops off every single player at the start of the map.


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Warzone Flying Glitch

Warzone Operator Parachuting Into Verdansk

The latest hack was discovered by 100 Thieves Warzone player Tom "Tommey Trewren during a stream. While looking up at the sky attempting to locate a player dropping back into the action, he saw the opponent flying at an unusually fast speed, much to his surprise. Considering Warzone is filled with hackers, the streamer seemed to handle the ordeal well.

I've never seen this hack in my life! What is that?!," Tommey exclaimed.


This particular cheat appears to grant players the ability to fly and even teleport around the map, making it impossible for others to track them down and predict where they could be coming from as the gas begins to close in. Thankfully, more and more hackers are reporting that they are receiving hardware bans, meaning they can no longer create another account and play Warzone.

With Activision taking a tougher stance on cheaters and with an anti-cheat on the way soon after Vanguard releases, it won't be long before the number of cheaters drops drastically. It's highly likely Raven Software is aware of this particular cheat, so there's every chance a patch preventing hackers from using it is in the works.