Warzone Flak Jacket: Is It In The Game?

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Those familiar with Call of Duty multiplayer will know about the hugely popular Flak Jacket Perk. The Perk available to use in Black Ops Cold War and previous titles, allows players to increase their resistance to any incoming explosives likely to head their way over the course of a match.

With Season 2 Reloaded of Warzone on the horizon, some players are wondering whether Flak Jacket is available to use as part of a loadout on Caldera and Rebirth Island. There's nothing more annoying than arriving in the Gulag after a grenade has halted your progress.

As the metagame continues to change thanks to Raven Software's regular changes, is there a way of equipping Flak Jacket as part of a Warzone loadout? Here's everything you need to know.

Warzone Flak Jacket
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Does Warzone Have Flak Jacket?

For those wanting to use Flak Jacket on their loadout, it's impossible to do so as the Perk isn't one of the 18 available to use in the battle royale. Since its launch in 2020, there have been minimal changes to the range of Perks that offer a range of benefits.

The most recent Perks to arrive in Warzone are Armory and Mechanic which appear within the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Warzone EOD Perk
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Warzone EOD Perk

Although Flak Jacket isn't available, EOD heavily resembles the popular Perk in Warzone. In addition to giving players the ability to take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire, the Perk resets the fuse on any Frag Grenades that are picked up.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of EOD is that the explosive resistance isn't applied for Killstreaks. This means that damage from Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes still hit with plenty of force when called in.

Is EOD Good in Warzone?

If you're a player that likes to get aggressive on Caldera and Rebirth Island, equipping EOD is a surefire way to stay in amongst the action for any length of time. Opposition often utilises Semtex and Frag Grenades to flush you out of buildings to take the edge of the explosion.

There are other alternatives to use in the Perk 1 slot but few have the benefits of EOD.

Warzone Pacific EOD Perk
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How to Unlock EOD

Unlike some Perks, there's no need to reach a specific level or Battle Pass tier to get your hands on EOD. The Perk can be selected without the need to earn tens of thousands of XP which is ideal.

While Warzone doesn't feature Flak Jacket, EOD acts as a suitable alternative to the Perk, and as long as Warzone contains EOD, the chances of Flak Jacket making an appearance are extremely unlikely.

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