Five 80s Action Heroes We Would Love To See In Call Of Duty

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After weeks of teasers and speculation, Activision finally unveiled that Die Hard's John McClane and John Rambo would be making their way into the Call of Duty universe as playable Operators in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

The two action heroes from the 1980s are arriving to both titles as part of Season 3 Reloaded, which has a theme of action heroes, much to the excitement of the passionate community.

The addition of the two action movie icons also coincides with the recent changes to Warzone's Verdansk map, which took a trip to 1984 after a huge nuclear explosion destroyed the modern-day iteration towards the very end of Season 2.


With both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone embedded into the 1980s alongside with the arrivals of Rambo and McClane, we've come up with five other 80s action heroes that would make excellent additions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator Warzone Operator

When it comes to 80s action movies, it's very hard not to mention the legendary Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Known for his roles as the main antagonist in the Terminator franchise or as Alan "Dutch" Schaefer in Predator, either character played by Schwarzeneggar wouldn't be out of place battling it out on the streets of Verdansk or in the close-quarters chaos of Nuketown.


There have already been rumours of a Terminator Operator being released into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone but Activision has remained tight-lipped so far.

Players would certainly love hearing their Operator scream "GET TO THE CHOPPER" at the end of a Warzone match!

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Warzone Operator

Arguably a character that would have no problem dealing with any kind of funny business in Verdansk would be Chuck Norris.


Known for decimating anyone that stood in his way in The Delta Force, it's almost guaranteed that a Chuck Norris Operator in Call of Duty would prove extremely popular amongst the often-passionate fanbase.

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RoboCop Warzone Operator

When it comes to fighting crime, there is no better humanoid robot for the job other than RoboCop. Complete with an indestructible body and a range of lethal semi-automatic weaponry tucked away in his thigh, very few could contend with RoboCop's immense power.

In the interest of fair play, a RoboCop Operator armed with indestructible would be extremely unfair in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, but a detailed Operator that came with a lethal finishing move involving his arsenal of weapons would be extremely cool to see.


Ash Williams

Ash Williams Evil Dead Warzone Operator

Synonymous for taking on the Deadites, an Ash Williams Operator would fit in perfectly to the Call of Duty universe, especially Zombies.


Having lost his hand in the second instalment of the Evil Dead franchise, Williams attaches a chainsaw in place of it and a chainsaw would be a welcome addition to the Zombies arsenal alongside multiplayer and Warzone.

The Call of Duty franchise is known for its somewhat brutal finishing moves and there would be none more devastating than Ash Williams utilising his chainsaw to slay an undead opponent or to deal the fatal blow in a Team Deathmatch would be a sight to behold.

Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley Warzone Operator

The final 80s action hero that we would love to see in the Call of Duty franchise is Ellen Ripley from the Alien movie franchise.


Although the first film released in 1979, the character played by Sigourney Weaver is easily one of the most iconic female action movie characters in history so we had to make a slight exception.

Known for always overcoming the odds that are stacked against her, Ripley is a character that I would definitely want in my multiplayer or Warzone squad thanks to her quick thinking even in situations that look almost impossible to escape.

Which action heroes do you think would be great additions to Call of Duty? Let us know on Twitter!