Warzone Season 6: All Fissure Locations

Season 6 of Warzone has seen huge changes to the Verdansk map, with a number of explosions completely altering Downtown and the Stadium. Alongside the drastic alterations to the map, massive fissures have appeared in several locations adding a brand-new way to play the battle royale thanks to the new underground areas that can be accessed.

The trenches were caused by Adler's seismic explosions that Fuze and Stitch attempted to prevent but it was too late. As with all new points of interest (POIs) players will be dropping into the game to explore the new areas, but where exactly are the newly formed fissures that have appeared?

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Warzone Fissure Locations

Fissure south of Array in Warzone
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The first of four fissures can be found southwest of the radar Array. It's not as large as the other two but it provides plenty of new cover that didn't exist in the previous seasons. If this area of the map features in the final circle, it could make for some interesting strategic opportunities for players. Do you stay in the trench or gamble on the height advantage by climbing to the top of Array?

Another one can be found close to the Verdansk Hospital. This fissure runs from Promenade East all the way to the hospital, providing players with plenty of cover as they attempt to navigate their way around the map.


Warzone Stadium Season 6
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This fissure starts in a car park east of the Stadium and completely rips through it. The crane that once stood tall in the centre has collapsed, minimising the chances of being picked off by a player utilising the high ground. The new hole created also provides a perfect opportunity to escape the heat of battle unscathed.


Downtown Verdansk Warzone Season 6
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The final, and most significant fissure, can be found running straight through Downtown Verdansk. The explosion has caused widespread destruction, causing the Grand Hotel and Museum buildings to disappear. The additional space provided by the fissure adds a new way to play this particular area of the map, especially when the Nakatomi Plaza is still in play. Is it worth heading to the rooftops or sticking to the ground where the chance of scoring plenty of kills is higher?

There you have it, that's where to find all of the fissures in Season 6 of Warzone. For more Warzone intel, check out the locations of the World War 2 bunkers and the best Grav loadout to use.

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