Insane Warzone Bug Gives A New Meaning To First-Person Perspective

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As attention slowly begins to turn towards the launch of Season 5 Reloaded and the start of the mysterious "The Numbers" mid-season event, Warzone players are continuing to encounter a variety of bugs and glitches that can often have a negative impact on the game, despite the best efforts of Raven Software attempting to fix them.

Thankfully, this particular bug isn't one that is considered to be game-breaking but it is one of the stranger bugs that has appeared within Warzone. Rather than influencing the performance of the game, players that experience this bug are receiving an entirely different take on a first-person perspective as they are able to see inside their own skulls.


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Warzone First-Person View Bug

Warzone Player Holding Two Desert Eagle Pistols In Front Of Tactical Rover Vehicle

Reddit user 'weyess' was preparing to drop into a Quads match on Rebirth Island before realising that they had a completely different point of view than the usual drop scenario. Rather than seeing a view of their squad preparing to depart, they managed to see inside their own head. "What am I even looking at?" they questioned.


As they look around in an attempt to determine what had happened, the player can clearly see their own eyes, ears, and teeth from the unintended perspective. While it is a bug, it's certainly an interesting way to experience Warzone. As the helicopters began to fly over the map, the view quickly returned in time for the player to make a calculated landing.

Even though the unique perspective is interesting in a slightly disturbing way, it's clearly an unintentional bug. Depending on how many players report the issue, it's likely that Raven Software is aware of the problem and is working on a fix to prevent it from happening. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this bug!