Warzone Players Request Addition of Firing Range

The release of Warzone Pacific, as well as the start of Season 1, has been postponed until December 8th, according to Activision. On the other front, Vanguard players will enjoy 24 hours of early access to Caldera, which will begin on December 7th.

Players are continuing to drop into Verdansk ahead of the switch to Caldera, participating in the Operation Flashback LTM, and preparing for the Secrets of the Pacific event, which will reveal more about the new map locations. However, despite the continuous updates made by Raven Software, players are now requesting the addition of a Firing Range to test out guns and loadouts before a match begins.

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Warzone Firing Range Addition

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Raven Software constantly updates the game, pushing out new content and events, much to the approval of the community. But, one feature has been missing from the game since its launch. Reddit user ‘Chillenge’ took to the Warzone subreddit to request the addition of a firing range into the game.

“Raven pls add a firing range into Wz so that we can test our guns and loadout before dropping into a real match? This feature has been missing since it launch. Pls Raven if you can see this,” they said. The post quickly became a hot topic for discussion in the community with many wanting the Firing Range to be added in an upcoming update.

When Will the Firing Range Be Added in Warzone?

Raven Software is used to the constant feedback and requests being made by players diving into the battle royale. Considering that there is demand for a Firing Range to be added into the game, the developer may take this feedback on board and add one as part of a future update. Until then, it doesn't look like a Firing Range will be making its way into the game anytime soon.

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