Warzone Glitch Teases Arrival of Final Killcam

Warzone has managed to integrate several features from the Call of Duty franchise smoothly, much to the delight of players regularly dropping into Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Thanks to the Season 2 update, Raven Software has addressed the majority of game-breaking issues hindering the community but despite its best efforts, new bugs and glitches continue to appear.

While some of the glitches aren't impacting performance, it's possible that they are teasing the release of unreleased features that are staples of classic Call of Duty multiplayer.

Warzone Pacific Killcam Glitch
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Warzone Pacific Killcam Glitch

The final Killcam often appears at the end of a multiplayer match but has never featured within Warzone until now. Reddit user 'KezzaaB' captured the moment after the player scored the game-winning elimination.

Rather than the exfil cutscene playing, a replay showcasing the last kill of the game appeared. This is certainly unusual, especially when the feature hasn't appeared since Warzone launched back in March 2020.

Despite its unintended arrival, players quickly gave the final Killcam a seal of approval, with some even suggesting a replacement to the exfil scene. "They should have a whole montage for the winning team."

Will Warzone Get A Final Killcam?

It's unclear as to whether Warzone will officially receive a final Killcam but the fact it has appeared suggests it could arrive as part of the mid-season update expected in the next few weeks.

The exfil scene is a unique touch but showing the final kill scored or a highlight package of a match would add a personal touch celebrating the last player or team standing.

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