Warzone Player Discovers Ingenious Way To Earn Cash Fast

Cash in Warzone is a hugely important feature of the battle royale. Players can use the money to purchase everything ranging from a Loadout Drop to a stack of armour plates giving them additional protection during matches.

With the Season 2.5 update right around the corner, earning money in Caldera is more important than ever following a nerf to the amount of cash appearing on the island.

Thankfully, one player has discovered an ingenious method to earn tens of thousands in the first minute of a match, allowing players to get their hands on their loadouts as fast as possible.

Warzone Fast Cash Trick
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Warzone Fast Cash Trick

This particular method involves destroying an armoured truck. By destroying the vehicle, players can access a variety of rewards including the Nebula V Bomb and a huge amount of cash. Reddit user 'jamcowl' demonstrated how to earn $30K in the opening stages of a game.

The player lands onto an anti-aircraft truck, switches seats to operate the gun, and destroys the incoming truck with ease. After destroying the truck, huge piles of cash and other high-tier loot is available. Without the help of the anti-aircraft truck, it usually takes over 100 Assault Rifle rounds to destroy an armoured truck, making this method much quicker than normal.

Is Destroying Armoured Trucks Worth It?

Considering the huge amount of cash and high-tier loot that's available as a reward, it's definitely worth destroying an armoured truck in Warzone even without the help of an anti-aircraft truck. Scoring $30K could set you up for the entire game and could lead to a victory.

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