Dr Disrespect Uninstalls Warzone AGAIN

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Content creator Dr Disrespect often expresses his frustrations when broadcasting his violence, speed, and momentum to the Champion's Club.

His love/hate relationship with Warzone ranges from him wanting to help the battle royale succeed to all-out rage causing the two-time to load into a different game. As players set their sights on the Season 2.5 update, it appears the Doc won't be dropping into Caldera anytime soon.

During one of his signature Triple Threat Challenges, the content creator admitted he's had enough before uninstalling Warzone from his PC, something taking place on a regular basis.

Dr Disrespect Uninstalls Warzone
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Dr Disrespect Warzone Uninstall

In a video posted on February 26, numerous issues including poor hit registration and encountering hackers led to the Doc declaring he's "done" with Warzone once again before uninstalling it.

"I'm having a hard time enjoying that game, man," added the streamer. "I'm killing brain cells." This isn't the first instance of Dr Disrespect uninstalling Warzone from his PC. Despite his frustrations with the game, the two-time often loads back into the action once he's cooled off.

Is Dr Disrespect Finished With Warzone?

It's unclear as to whether Dr Disrespect has lost all patience with Warzone. The two-time often removes the game for a few weeks before it reappears on his stream, so there's every chance he's taking a break from the battle royale while he plays other titles piquing his interest.

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