Dr Disrespect Roasts TimTheTatman and Calls His Warzone Clip “ Pretty Generic”

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One of the prominent streamers, TimTheTatman recently uploaded his Warzone clip and posted it on Twitter. The community was quick to react including the twitch banned streamer - Dr Disrespect who roasted the clip calling it "pretty generic".

Both the streamers have been going at each other for a while now and are often seen trolling each other through thumbnails and hilarious gameplay edits. In the clip, Tim is seen taking a fight against a few enemies grouped together and calls "A little jump shot for the boys" after securing a couple of frags.


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Dr Disrespect Calls TimTheTatman's Clip "Pretty Generic"

The clip was actually quite impressive and a lot of the fans appreciated it on Twitter. Although, Dr. Disrespect was quick enough to post his own thoughts saying, "Noticed you waited for my man to self revive to get a free kill. This clip is pretty generic."


Tim has still not responded to this comment and people are eagerly waiting for him to come up with a reply of his own. It'll be interesting to see if Tim will be coming out with another insane gameplay clip or roast one of Dr Disrespect's clips instead.