Dr Disrespect On Warzone's Aim Assist: "It’s A Version Of Hacks”

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Dr Disrespect isn't a big fan of Warzone's aim assist, and he left little room for doubt on that in a recent stream where he called it "a version of hacks."

Dr Disrespect made the complaint after he was killed by a player who seemed to utilize aim assist during a Warzone match. He then vented out his frustration, screaming "aim assist wins again” after replaying the killcam that caught his death in the game. He then said:

“Aim assist, at this point, you might as well call it hacks. It’s like a version of hacks, except they’re not all headshots, but all the bullets do go onto your body.”

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Dr Disrespect On Warzone's Aim Assist: "It’s A Version Of Hacks”

Aim assist in Warzone and also in other shooter games, even Splitgate, is designed to help increase accuracy just a bit for players using controllers, so they're not at a significant disadvantage against PC players using mouse and keyboard.


Many players, including Dr Disrespect himself, obviously, are less than fond of the feature, insisting that controller players have an unfair advantage or that matchmaking should keep them out of mouse-and-keyboard lobbies. Still, more players means shorter queue times at least.

What do you think of this argument circulating in the Warzone community?