Dr Disrespect Claims Microsoft "Won't Save" Warzone

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When it comes to sharing opinions on the current state of Warzone, YouTube superstar Dr Disrespect is never afraid to shy away from the biggest issues impacting the popular battle royale.

As the start of Season 2 nears after a slight delay, there are several issues still impacting the game, including hackers that have given cars the ability to fly around Caldera.

After Microsoft announced it will be acquiring Activision Blizzard, the content creator claimed that the tech giant won't be able to save the game as issues continue to appear on a regular basis.

Dr Disrespect Warzone Pacific
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Dr Disrespect: "Microsoft Won't Save You!"

While competing alongside longtime Warzone duo ZLaner, the two-time was gunned down by an opponent utilising the mechanics of the game to his advantage. No stranger to berating Warzone, the Doc expressed his frustrations with audio and its engine before yelling "Microsoft's not going to save you."

This isn't the first time the YouTuber has launched an attack on Warzone and Raven Software. At the start of 2022, Doc urged the developer to wake up before Warzone becomes the next H1Z1, a once-popular battle royale that quickly disappeared into obscurity.

Will Microsoft Save Warzone?

With many members of the community hoping Microsoft's leadership will spark a resurgence for the Call of Duty franchise, it's unclear as to how the deal will impact the current state of Warzone. Raven Software is doing its best to fix issues as quickly as possible but is it too little too late for the battle royale? Only time will tell if Doc's claim will come to fruition.

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