Warzone Season 3 Update Adds Double XP Token Change

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After weeks of teasers and speculation, Season 3 of Warzone is officially underway. The latest update for the battle royale includes a wealth of brand-new content in addition to numerous bug fixes.

Alongside the bug fixes, the Season 3 patch notes unveil further quality of life changes to the game, ensuring a smooth experience for all players dropping into Caldera and Rebirth Island.


The latest quality of life change aims to improve how players use their Double XP tokens earned from completing Battle Pass tiers and through challenges. The change enables players to activate a token during a match rather than having to do it before the action begins.

Warzone Double XP Token Change

In a recent interview with CharlieIntel, Raven Software senior creative director Ted Timmins shares their favourite change appearing as part of Season 3. "You can now actually use Double XP tokens from the in-game menu," says Timmins.

This is hugely positive news for those that forget to apply a Double XP token before loading into a game. Players can activate tokens through the pause menu which is ideal in situations where you're on course for a high-kill game.

During previous seasons, Warzone players have encountered issues when activating Double XP tokens prior to a match beginning. Despite the token activating, the additional XP earned wasn't tracked by the game much to the annoyance of those burning through tokens for no reward.

With players able to use tokens at any point, it allows them to earn plenty of XP even if they do forget to activate one before dropping out of the spawn plane. It's a small change but one that many can appreciate.

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