Do You Need Xbox Live to Play Warzone?

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In order to access the online portion of several titles, Xbox players are often required to own a subscription to Xbox Live in order to play with and against others from around the world. Whether it's some hard-fought multiplayer action on Vanguard or some competitive racing on Forza, Xbox Live is needed.

The emergence of several free-to-play titles such as Warzone has left many wondering whether they actually need a subscription in order to play the game which can only be played online. With that said, do you need Xbox Live to play Warzone?

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Do You Need Xbox Live To Play Warzone?

Warzone Xbox Live
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Thanks to a range of changes introduced by Microsoft on April 21st, 2021, Xbox players DO NOT require an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play free-to-play titles such as Warzone. Prior to the change, users were required to own membership in order to play online regardless of whether the game was free. For those wanting to play Vanguard for free, membership is still needed unless a free access weekend is taking place.

Considering it can cost between £35-50 for a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, this is hugely positive news for those that want to drop into the action for no cost.


There you have it! Turns out you don't need Xbox Live to drop into Caldera. For more Warzone tips, check out the best audio and controller settings to use along with the very best Bren loadout.

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