New Warzone Point of Interest Appears Ahead of Season 3

With Season 2 coming to an end, Warzone players are preparing for the launch of Season 3 that will see the arrival of Godzilla as part of Operation Monarch.

In addition, recent teasers are pointing towards significant changes to the Caldera map much to the excitement of players continuing to ask for Verdansk to return to the battle royale.

Ahead of Season 3 starting on April 27, players dropping onto the island have already found a brand new point of interest (POI) on the map much to the curiosity of the community.

Warzone Dig Site POI

The new POI is called Dig Site and so far, the area of the map doesn't look different from its usual aesthetic. Despite this, players are already linking the area of the map to the appearance of Godzilla. Dig Site is on the northwest side of Caldera and already features a large crane that could extract something from under the ground.

Shortly after players uncovered the new POI, another Season 3 teaser showcasing an overview of the island revealed the presence of suspiciously large bones hinting at King Kong's appearance alongside Godzilla.

With a mysterious skeleton laying underground and a threat of monstrous proportions on the way, Season 3 is set to be packed full of twists and turns.

Considering there's under a week until the new season begins, players will find out what Raven Software has in store once the Season 3 roadmap appears. We're expecting new weapons, huge map changes, and Godzilla to terrorise Caldera and all that dare to drop into the action.

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