Warzone Players Ask For Death Chat To Encourage Trash Talk

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With Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone winding down and with the start of Season 6 on the horizon, Warzone players are continuing to request new and innovative features to be added into the battle royale. Raven Software often listens to some of the requests players make and this particular request involves adding a feature that has frequently appeared in older Call of Duty titles.

Death chat has often been a way for players to trash talk their opposition once they've been eliminated from a match and apart from a few seconds at the end of a match and when players have been killed, there are no opportunities to exchange in some smack talk.


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Warzone Death Chat

Warzone Death Chat Feature

Alongside the battles taking all over Verdansk and Rebirth Island, players often engage with a war of words after getting the upper hand over the opposition. Reddit user 'Chains-of-Ice' began a discussion on the topic, suggesting that Warzone's death chat should go both ways and last a total of five seconds.


Despite stating that the feature wouldn't exactly be the most realistic, the idea managed to strike a chord with several members of the community. While some were in favour of the feature adding to the game, others claimed that the game contained enough toxicity. One user even went as far as suggesting that the Gulag should feature an open mic so the two players facing off could talk to each other during a match.

Imagine the carnage in the Gulag if you could communicate with your opponent. The extra mind games could make the Gulag even more of a challenge than it already is. With the community seemingly split on the idea of death chat in Warzone, it may be some time before the feature does appear in the battle royale.

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