Dallas Empire $100K Warzone Heist Tournament: Everything You Need To Know

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Season 4 of Warzone is finally underway after weeks of speculation, leaks, and teasers eventually revealing some of the content making its way to the battle royale.

The competitive side of the game is continuing to grow at an impressive speed, with high-stakes tournaments taking place on what feels like a daily basis. This time around, the Dallas Empire Call of Duty League franchise is hosting a tournament with a huge prize pool and some unique challenges that can earn players some bonus cash.


It's more than likely that the very best players will be taking part in the Warzone Heist, which is going to be one of the very first tournaments to take place in Season 4, much to the excitement of players and fans of competitive Warzone.

Find everything you need to know about the Warzone Heist in this article!

Final Placements

After two days of world-class competition, the top eight duos faced off for a chance at scoring the top prize.

Find the full list of results below:

  • 1st - UnRationaL & ScummN - $40,000
  • 2nd - IceManIsaac & Bbreadman - $16,000
  • 3rd - Newbz & HusKerrs - $8.000
  • 4th - Swagg & Booya - $4,000
  • 5th/6th - PicNick & Nickool - $2,250
  • 5th/6th - Destroy & ZLaner - $2,250
  • 7th/8th - Metaphor & Smitty - $2,250
  • 7th/8th - Tommey & Almond - $2,250

Day 1 Results

After the opening day of the competition, the duo of Tommey and Almond topped the leaderboards with a total of 213 points on the scoreboard.

Close behind was the pairing of Newbz and HusKerrs who managed to score an impressive total of 200.

Find a list of the top eight teams advancing to day 2 below:

  • 1st - Tommey & Almond - 213 Points
  • 2nd - Newbz & HusKerrs - 200 Points
  • 3rd - Swagg & Booya - 167 Points
  • 4th - Destroy & ZLaner - 155 Points
  • 5th - UnRationaL & ScummN - 149 Points
  • 6th - Metaphor & Smitty - 145 Points
  • 7th - pickNICK/Nickool - 145 Points
  • 8th - Angel/Lenun - 137 Points

How To Watch Dallas Empire $100K Warzone Heist Tournament

A dedicated hub for the Heist will be streamed on the Call of Duty Twitch channel.

It's highly likely that players will be showing their perspectives of the action so be sure to check out their individual streams for another angle of the tournament.


Unlike many Warzone tournaments, the Warzone Heist will take place over two days from June 17th-18th.


Format And Challenges

Day one of the competition will be a Kill Race qualifier alongside challenges that can be completed in order to earn some additional cash.

A full list of challenges can be found below.

Dallas Empire Warzone Heist Challenges

The second day of competition will be a best-of-three double-elimination bracket that will determine the champion.


A full list of players can be found below:

  • Tommey/Almond
  • Rallied/OtterEyes
  • Newbz/HusKerrs
  • IMAngelikaa/Fuzzn
  • Destroy/ZLaner
  • Galex/Shway
  • SuperEvan/DiazBiffle
  • Speros/Fluxuryy
  • Vikkstar123/Warsz
  • MrDaft/BasedGodXenon
  • KaleiRenay/Pork
  • JoeWo/Stukawaki
  • HollyLive/JerKy26
  • TTinyy/Zepti
  • Neslo/OPMarked
  • Metaphor/Smitty
  • JessieCooks/Luvey
  • Jordy2d/Spidey
  • LEGIQN/SloppyHarry
  • Jukeyz/Fifakill
  • P90Princess/Jxsephs
  • BobbyPoff/Mayappo
  • MarkClark/Frozone
  • ClutchBelk/Med1cine
  • NuFo/Bartonologist
  • exzachtt/DougisRaw
  • Blake/Jorge
  • iSmixie/Flxnked
  • SebasBeron/FazeBloo
  • TeeP/DKarma
  • Rated/Aydan
  • JaredFPS/zColorss
  • IceManIssac/breadman
  • Swagg/Booya
  • pickNICK/Nickool
  • UnRationaL/ScummN

Prize Pool

The total prize pool for the Warzone Heist is $100,000, making it one of the largest prize pools to ever feature in a tournament.

With $25,000 up for grabs by completing the challenges, the remaining $75,000 will be split amongst the top finishers.