Warzone and Vanguard Creator Codes: How to Redeem, Streamers, and More

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For the past few years, Call of Duty players and fans have the ability to support their favourite content creators and streamers. Professional players competing in the Call of Duty League (CDL) and the very best Warzone talents are pillars of the community, regularly showcasing their skills to a huge audience.

With Season 2 of the battle royale and Vanguard in full swing, the community continues to support content creators through the Support a Creator programme organised by Call of Duty publisher Activision.

The programme provides a range of players with a small portion of proceeds going directly to the creator. Each creator that's part of the initiative has a dedicated code, with $5 for every 10,000 COD Points going into their pockets. With that said, find a complete list of all Call of Duty creator codes in this dedicated guide!

Call of Duty Warzone Vanguard Creator Codes
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How To Claim Support a Creator Code

Like most code redemption, the process of claiming Support a Creator codes is incredibly straightforward. Since Call of Duty embraced cross-platform play, codes are available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC through the Battle.net store. Follow these simple steps to claim the codes:

  • Choose a creator code.
  • Purchase COD Points from the Franchise Store.
  • Follow the prompt and enter the create a code before completing the purchase (Remember to type the code in capital letters).
Call of Duty Creator Codes 2022
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All Call of Duty Creator Codes

The majority of content creators synonymous with Warzone and Vanguard possess a creator code. Find a full list of creator codes below:

If any new creator codes are added, we will update this list.

  • aBeZy: “ABEZY”
  • Apathy: “APATHY”
  • Arcitys: “ARCITYS”
  • Attach: “ATTACH”
  • Blazt: “BLAZT”
  • Crimsix: “CRIM”
  • Cammy: “CAMMY”
  • Cellium: “CELLIUM”
  • Clayser: “CLAY”
  • CleanX: “CLEANX”
  • Dashy: “DASHY”
  • Denz: “DENZ”
  • Enable: “ENABLE”
  • Envoy: “ENVOY”
  • FormaL: “FORMAL”
  • GodRX: “GODRX”
  • Huke: “HUKE”
  • iLLeY: “ILLEY”
  • Kuavo: “KUAVO”
  • Mack: “MACK”
  • Methodz: “METHODZ”
  • Octane: “OCTANE”
  • Scump: “SCUMP”
  • Seany: “SEANY”
  • Shotzzy: “SHOTZZY”
  • SiLLY: “SILLY”
  • Simp: “SIMP”
  • Skrapz: “SKRAPZ”
  • Skyz: “SKYZ”
  • SlasheR: “SLASHER”
  • Vivid: “VIVID”
  • Owakening: “WAKE”
  • Wuskin: “WUSKIN”
  • ZooMaa: “ZOOMAA”
  • BennyCentral: “BENNY”
  • FaZe Booya: “BOOYA”
  • KingBraderz: “BRADERZ”
  • NoisyButters: “BUTTERS”
  • Chaos: “CHAOS”
  • CouRage: “COURAGE”
  • FaZe Crowder: “CROWDER”
  • Drfit0r: “DRIFT0R”
  • KNRG Espresso: “ESPRESSO”
  • GoldGloveTV: “GOLDGLOVE”
  • HusKerrs: “HUSKERRS”
  • JackFrags: “JACKFRAGS”
  • JGOD: “JGOD”
  • FaZe JSmooth: “SMOOTH”
  • JoeWo: “JOEWO”
  • Kor3aYn: “K3”
  • LuckyChamu: “LUCKYCHAMU”
  • MarleyThirteen: “MARLEY”
  • Michi: “MICHI”
  • NuFo: “NUFO”
  • Pizza: “PIZZA”
  • PrestigeIsKey: “PRESTIGE”
  • P4wnyhof: “P4WNYHOF”
  • Repullze: “REPULLZE”
  • ShawnJGaming: “SHAWNJ”
  • Spratt: “SPRATT”
  • FaZe Swagg: “SWAGG”
  • Symfuhny: “SYM”
  • TeeP: “TEEP”
  • Tejbz: “TEJBZ”
  • TimTheTatman: “TIMTHETATMAN”
  • Vikkstar123: “VIKK”
  • Westie: “WEST”

Are Call of Duty Creator Codes Worth It?

If you want to support your favourite pro players and Warzone streamers, the initiative is a great way of adding a further layer of support, similar to a stream donation.

The programme is clearly proving popular with fans and players alike and as more content creators enter the limelight, the list of codes is going to grow as the community focuses on what Season 2 has to offer.

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