Warzone Players Call For Raven Software To Make Crossplay Changes

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The differences between Warzone on consoles and PC have led to plenty of debate amongst the community during Season 5 of the hugely popular battle royale. As players continue to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, disputes surrounding PC players complaining about controller aim assist and the possibility of console players receiving a field of view (FOV) slider have caused some members of the community to suggest a drastic change to Warzone's crossplay option.

In order to prevent players from complaining about the various features on PC and console versions of the game, players have suggested Raven Software to implement console-only lobbies into the game to avoid encountering PC players that already have access to a FOV slider.


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Warzone Console-only Crossplay

Two Warzone Operators Wearing Gas Masks In Cloud of Gas

Reddit user 'LookHerePlaya' suggested the change and received plenty of positive feedback suggesting that they're not the only one that wants some kind of changes to Warzone's crossplay. "Go on Twitter and you see all the big streamers mad at aim assist, got one streamer saying consoles don't deserve a FOV slider," they explained. They also claim that PC players "have every advantage in the world" when it comes to Warzone.


Many users were quick to mention that Warzone would benefit from a console-only match filter similar to one that appears in Apex Legends and if the demand is there, it would make sense for Raven Software to introduce a similar feature. Whether the developer will take the suggestion on board remains to be seen, meaning Warzone's crossplay will remain the same for the time being.

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