Combat Scout Is Causing Warzone Players To Change Their Loadout

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Prior to the release of Warzone Season 5, the Perk metagame was rather stale, with the same combination featuring the loadouts of almost every single player dropping into a match. With the latest season of post-launch content in full swing, more players are adapting their loadouts thanks to the addition of Combat Scout, a Perk that gives players the ability to highlight their target in orange, making it easy to determine their next movements.

Since its addition, many members of the community have been quick to deem the Perk as overpowered but several players are beginning to realise that there is a counter to this particular Perk.


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Warzone Combat Scout Counter

Cold Blooded Warzone Perk

The only way to prevent you from glowing after being hit by some incoming gunfire is by equipping Cold Blooded. While it does counter Combat Scout, it does mean that the likes of Double Time and EOD have to be replaced which could cause a significant change in how certain elements of the game are played.


According to WZRanked, the new Perk has drastically influenced which Perks are being selected. Cold Blooded has skyrocketed in popularity, with 29.5% of players equipping it to counter Combat Scout while EOD has decreased to 20.4% and Double Time has fallen to 42.1%.

More Perk Variety

The increase in Perk variety has been well-received by the Warzone community despite some calling the Perk too strong. There's every chance Raven Software could implement some kind of changes to nerf its performance but for the time being, it's a welcome addition to Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

As more players begin to utilise Cold Blooded, perhaps it will overtake Double Time and EOD in popularity in the not-too-distant future.