Strange Warzone Glitch Turns Players Into Giants

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The halfway stage of Warzone Season 5 is fast approaching and while many turn their attention towards Season 5 Reloaded, many players are continuing to encounter a variety of bugs, glitches, and exploits across Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, new glitches seem to appear just as the developer has managed to take care of another issue with the battle royale, much to the annoyance of the community that continues to discover new issues with the game. While this issue doesn't involve any players turning invisible or being able to access an unbreakable Gas Mask, it does cause players to transform into a giant.


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Warzone Giant Player Glitch

Ghost Warzone Operator Running Away From Explosion

The highly unusual glitch was first discovered by Reddit user 'devon380,' who quickly shared a video of the player's head suddenly touching the ceiling when attempting to fire the Combat Bow.


As the player exits the Combat Bow their vision is suddenly elevated, giving them a perfect vantage point of the area around them but it's unclear to see whether the size of the player model was impacted. Imagine seeing a giant Operator navigating their way around Verdansk.

When Will The Combat Bow Glitch Be Fixed?

Considering that it looks to be a recently-discovered problem with Warzone, it's unlikely that Raven Software is aware of it, meaning a fix could well be some time away. With the mid-season update right around the corner, there's every chance that this glitch of giant proportions can be brought back down to size in the not too distant future.