Cold War And Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Contents Leaked

Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is finally here! The start of a brand-new season means plenty of content will be arriving across both titles, including brand-new weapons, Operators, multiplayer maps, limited-time events, and more.

The start of Season 3 will mark the launch of a new Battle Pass complete with 100 Tiers of brand-new content ranging from vehicle skins, Double XP Tokens, and exclusive weapon blueprints.

More often than not, players have to wait until the season begins to find out what content is up for grabs, but a leaker has revealed a huge number of items that could feature in the new Battle Pass.

Find out some of the upcoming items in this article!

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Cold War And Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Content

Notable Call of Duty leaker @TailsDoll711 has managed to obtain numerous screenshots of all kinds of items that are likely to appear in the upcoming Battle Pass.


The leaker managed to uncover brand-new gestures that will be appearing in the Battle Pass.


As always, the Battle Pass will contain a wide variety of weapon blueprints for a number of weapons in the Cold War arsenal.

One of the blueprints expected to appear in the latter Tiers is a regal-looking MP5 blueprint that can be seen by clicking here.

A full gallery of images of Season 3's blueprints can be found here.

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Vehicle Skins

Whether it's Fireteam, Warzone, or Combined Arms, vehicles play an integral part in the gameplay experience and it's certainly important to have them looking at their best with a range of skins on offer.

Ranging from a bright blue and pink Cargo Truck donning some anime to a compact coupe featuring a distinct racing livery, players will have plenty of choice as they work their way through the 100 Tiers.

Check out the skins on offer here.

Operator Skins

Operator skins are one of the main areas of content that feature heavily within the Battle Passes for Cold War and Warzone.

Judging by this leak, Season 3 will be no different, with a number of brand-new and exclusive skins making their way to both titles.

You can see what some of them look like here.

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