Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass: Everything We Know

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When will Call of Duty be on Game Pass? Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Activision Blizzard, and part of that deal includes putting ActiBlizz games past and present on Xbox's subscription service. While there's no firm date yet - or even confirmation that Call of Duty in particular will be among the games added to Game Pass - Microsoft's last major acquisition gives us a vague idea of when they might end up on the service.

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Latest News

Bloomberg reports that Xbox plans on making some Activision Blizzard games exclusive, though didn't specify which ones. Microsoft said after the acquisition announcement that it doesn't plan on changing the communities that have built up around multiplatform multiplayer games, and while that's likely referring to Call of Duty, it's also still a vague and noncommittal statement.

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When Is Call of Duty Coming to Game Pass?

As yet, Microsoft hasn't mentioned when Call of Duty may be added to Game Pass. However, it's also worth noting that the recent acquisition announcement was simply letting investors and consumers know the deal is happening. It won't be completed until June 2023, which means Microsoft doesn't own Activision Blizzard properties until then.

Microsoft acquired Bethesda parent company ZeniMax in 2020, but the deal didn't reach completion until March 2021. Shortly after that is when Skyrim, Fallout, and other Elder Scrolls games ended up on Game Pass.

In short, don't expect to see Call of Duty on the platform anytime soon.

What Call of Duty Games Are On Game Pass?

So far, none. Call of Duty has never been on Game Pass, and we'd be surprised if any of them ended up on the service before Microsoft's acquisition is complete. Afterwards, what Call of Duty games come to Game Pass is anyone's guess, since Xbox wants classic Activision Blizzard games added. Vanguard is likely a given, though other classics, such as Modern Warfare, could be in the cards as well.

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