COD Warzone Leak: Could Red Doors Be The New Seasons Fast Travel System

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Overnight, a survey was sent out to players asking for feedback on the recently introduced map Verdansk 1984.

Players that said they were satisfied with the recently redesigned map, were asked what they liked about it.

The survey featured questions based on changes to the map such as how much they enjoyed the new POIs or new quality of life changes that were added.


The very first option of this question asked the user to rate "The Red Doors (new fast travel system)".

Players immediately took to social media to share the information as there is no Red Door fast travel system in the new version of Verdansk.

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COD Warzone Leak: Could Red Doors Be The New Seasons Fast Travel System


Last season, Warzone saw the introduction of an underground subway that worked as a fast travel system. Players were not happy with this system as it was filled with bugs that would send the player to their deaths or crash the game completely.

Call of Duty: Cold War players might be familiar with the red door system from the campaign where it was featured as part of an achievement.

While we wait for confirmation about the introduction of a Red Door fast travel system, we hope to see an improvement from last season and minimal bugs if we do indeed see this implemented in the future.