How To Unlock A Speed Boost In Warzone Clash

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Season 5 Reloaded for Warzone is in full swing and as part of the latest season of post-launch content, players are dropping into a brand-new game mode known as Clash. Rather than the usual battle royale action, Clash features plenty of fast and frenetic action as two teams of 50 players battle it out in a mode that heavily resembles Team Deathmatch.

One of the more interesting aspects of Clash is the inclusion of powerups which can be found all over Verdansk. There are a variety of powerups that can be collected, one of which grants players a significant increase in movement speed which can be a huge advantage over the opposition. Here's how to get the speed boost in Warzone's Clash mode.


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Warzone Clash Speed Boost Powerup

Warzone Operator Sprinting Away From Explosion

For those that love to make aggressive pushes into areas packed with opposition, getting access to the Speed Boost is the key to success. For 30 seconds, players will have a huge increase in speed, making it incredibly difficult for enemies to take them out of the action. It can also be a great tool to retreat to a safer area if the heat of the action is too hot to handle. ModernWarzone managed to get hold of the powerup and demonstrated the huge increase in speed.


How To Get Speed Boost Powerup

Like all of the powerups available in Clash, the Speed Boost upgrade is available by opening a Legendary supply crate that can be found all over Verdansk. You can also obtain the powerup by eliminating other players and seeing which one is dropped in amongst the loot.

The Speed Boost is one of the more popular powerups available in Clash, so it may take some time to get your hands on a huge improvement in movement speed.


That's how to get the Speed Boost powerup in Clash. For more Season 5 Reloaded intel, check out the full patch notes that detail all of the changes made to the game.