Changes To Pre-Game Lobby Made In Warzone Update 1.41

Recently, a surprise update was released for Warzone as the popular battle royale progresses towards the halfway point of Season 5. Update 1.41 brings a lot of changes including map changes, modifications to weapon performance, and a change of background for the main lobby screen. Amongst all of the changes made was one particular edit to the pre-game lobby.

A few months prior to the update releasing, Raven Software had disabled the feature to edit loadouts in Warzone's pre-game lobby after they found an exploit that gave players free weapon blueprints and Infinite Dead Silence, much to the annoyance of the often-vocal community.

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Warzone Pre-Game Lobby Loadout Edit

Warzone Operator Hiding Behind Loadout Drop
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Surprisingly, they have brought back this aspect and players will now be able to change their loadout in the pre-game lobby. The developers did not release any official patch notes but tweeted the following.

“As some of you have noticed, mid-match Loadout editing has been reenabled for Warzone pre-match lobby, Plunder, and Modern Warfare multiplayer. Enjoy!”

This change was requested by a number of fans for some time now and everyone will be hoping that this feature stays intact for a long period of time. The update also included a change in the Warzone and Modern Warfare lobby screens which exhibits an enormous plane in the background.

There were also some bug fixes and the introduction of a new feature that allows you to search for other players via a series of preferences that you select. Although, this is still being tested and can be changed anytime in the future.

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