Call of Duty Warzone: Zordaya Prison Complex Location Guide - Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks And Strategy For The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available and players are dropping into the 150-player Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

Zordaya Prison is tucked away in the corner of the map but remains a popular choice. In fact, with one area listed as 'Classified', we're interested to see how it'll evolve over time. 

If you're struggling to make the most of this lucrative drop location, here are our tips and tricks to succeed.

Zordaya Prison Map

Places Of Interest

  • 66 - Hillside Hut
  • 67 - Camping Promontory: Hill
  • 68 - Military Post: Prison Entrance
  • 69 - [[CLASSIFIED]]
  • 70 - Prison Promontory: Cliff
  • 71 - Swamp Land
  • 72 - Swamp Hut
  • 73 - Pipe Tunnel
  • 74 - Gulag battlements and Prison
  • 75 - Showers Exit (Gulag)
  • 76 - Camping Promontory: Ocean

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Vehicle And Buy Locations

Best Landing And Loot Locations

Gulag Battlements and Prison (74)

Is there anything cooler than a castle? Probably not, but the Gulag and its battlements are a bit of a hotspot in Warzone.


The entire complex is full of loot, as well as cover, making it very easy to get bogged down battling shortly after your initial landing. 

It feels more like a map from the standard multiplayer map, but you do have the option of making a rapid getaway – simply parachute from the battlements if things get too hot for you to handle, or try and be the first to get to the helicopter.

The surrounding areas are pretty desolate, but the main Gulag complex is easily worthy of dropping into the sector of the map it's based in.

If you land late, there's a tunnel by the prison's western wall that can get you in (or out), as well as a small outpost towards the entrance which can be an ideal ambush point.

Most players will aim to land on the roof, so if  you start low you can usually get some free uncontested loot and wait for some of the action to die down.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

The Prison is the kind of drop zone where your first drop of loot will dictate how your match as a whole will go.

It's always popular, so if you get your hands on an assault rifle before the majority of players have a chance to load up, you can go hunting. If you're lacking firepower, try and make a speedy getaway via the various hiding spots and the aforementioned tunnel.


Don't forget there are also two Buy Stations, so you'll be able to call in some support in the late game – just be careful if you're requesting a loadout drop or similar, as you'll need to make it to the roof to claim it.

Finally, if you're approaching the prison from a distance, be wary of snipers perched atop the battlements. There's not a great deal of cover, so you'll need to hug any vertical surface you can find.

Use the Swamp Land to form your advance when the final circle ends in this area, bring an SMG or a shotgun.

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