Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4: The Gulag Tips & Tricks To Get You Back In The Game In The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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As opposed to other battle royales such as Fortnite or Apex Legends; Call of Duty Warzone has a unique feature to get you back into the game. 

Rather than being taken back to the main menu, you are transported to the Gulag, where you will go head to head with another player in order to get back into the match. 


These battles can be quite stressful under the right circumstances.

Here are some handy tips and tricks that may improve your chances of getting back into the match!

1) Aggression

Sometimes the best form of defence is an offence! At the beginning of the round, sprint straight into the middle of the gulag and take them down before they have any chance to realise what has hit them.


The aggressive tactic is arguably one of the fastest ways to get out of the gulag and straight back into the action.


2) Peeker’s Advantage

As a tactic frequently seen in other FPS games, peeking around the corner can be a great way of taking down an enemy without revealing your position too much. Thanks to the mounting mechanic in Modern Warfare, you can do something similar in the gulag.


Rather than charging in headfirst, fully utilise the ability to mount your weapon onto one of the many corners and the majority of the time, the enemy will eventually walk straight into your crosshairs, guaranteeing an easy kill.


3) Stealthy

Thanks to the pieces of cover located in the middle of the gulag, it is very easy to use your utility to get behind enemy lines and take your opponent down from behind.


If you have a teammate observing from the balcony, perhaps peppering you with rocks, get him to tell you his location so you can perhaps tee up an audacious assassination attempt!


4) Patience

Last and by no means least, having some patience can be a very effective way of countering any form of aggression that your opponent will display in the 1v1 duel.


As it’s just a single round, run down the clock and pick your moment to strike in the closing moments of the fight!

5) Avoid The Sides

Players, especially your enemies teammates can throw rocks at you from the side - this will stun you and ultimately hinder your chances of winning.

If you can keep moving to make it more difficult to be hit and try to finish the match quickly.