Warzone Season 5: Fans Want These 4 Things Changed In Battle Royale's Next Season

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Warzone Season 5 is fast approaching - and for some fans, it couldn’t come soon enough. There’s no doubt that Warzone is an incredible game, but with a few tweaks, it could certainly be improved.

Here are some ways the developers can respond to criticism from the community.


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Warzone Season 5 Changes That Fans Want To See

Fans on the dedicated Warzone subreddit have pinpointed a handful of issues that, in their opinion, plagued Season 4. As Reddit user u/ross puts it:

"[The] game has not been supported with the dev team quiet and hackers have been running wild"


"Gulag has had the worse [sic] change ever. Bring it back to the original pistols"

"SBMM has been ramped up (it feels like it as of late)."

"No map changes and the whole system needs a rework. Everyone goes for scavengers early game and if you don’t have a loadout or should I say the FAL [assault rifle] or Bruen [LMG] you are screwed.

Let’s break down each of these.


‘Hackers have been running wild’

There’s certainly a lot of footage showing people using hacks – like aimbots, and this is causing some real concern from the community. The dev team is likely not being ‘quiet’ but are looking into this and will likely fix with a patch asap. That being said, there are some issues with crossplay that also need addressing. PC gamers, for example, have clearer and further fields of view – which could give them the edge in medium to long-range firefights. To even the playing field, perhaps Infinity Ward need to consider moving away from cross-play, at least until the next generation of consoles?

‘Bring back pistols in Gulag’

Got to say that we agree with this one. Adding automatic weapons to the gulag removes a lot of the tension and allows players to camp and spray bullets. Projectiles, in our opinion, should also be axed. The gulag should be skill vs skill… no room for error or hacks. Let’s hope they bring back pistols – or other close range weapons – in Season 5.


Skill-based matchmaking has been ramped up

Modern Warfare is notorious for its strict SBMM system and Warzone is no different. Why is this bad, we hear you ask? Well, if you have a field full of high-ranking players it’s suddenly very hard to win a game.

Now, that’s fine for seasoned pros, but for causal gamers, who have built up experience through play time, it’s not much fun getting destroyed long before the Gulag closes. Still, we stand by the fact this is a good thing on the whole.

No map changes


We agree here. Verdansk is sprawling and has plenty of play areas to suit different playstyles, but as PUBG and Fortnite enjoy regular updates to their map roster, Warzone needs to follow suit.

There have been rumours that the map will get an overhaul in Season 6, so we’ll need to wait and see. More snow areas, and wider water expanses to allow for boat travel and combat would add a new dimension to gameplay. More dense woodland, swamps and different weather effects would also be welcome. Finally, adding a ‘dark mode’ would be brilliant. It adds a whole new level of tactics to multiplayer in Modern Warfare and would provide a fresh challenge.