Warzone Season 5 Could Be Getting A "Truck Wars" Limited-Time Mode

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Season 5 of Warzone has arrived, and it's sure to bring all manner of new secrets to Verdansk - including a potential "Truck Wars" limited-time mode.

As data miner Prototype Warehouse spotted, there are three new modes listed in the game's code.


Warzone "Truck Wars" Mode Leaked

As per a tweet from @protowarehouse, the modes listed are "Truck Wars", "Truck Wars Quads" and "Truck Wars Trios".

WTF is Truck Wars loltrwars_name"Truck Wars"trwarsquads_name"Truck Wars Quads"trwarstrios_name"Truck Wars Trios"
— Prototype Warehouse (@ProtoWarehouse)
August 5, 2020

Presumably, these modes will be vehicle focused, offering plenty of Mad Max-style automobile combat. Expect explosive weapons to be king if that is the case!


Would you play a vehicle-focused LTM in Warzone?