Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: Will Soap Be A New Operator?

Modern Warfare Season 4, as well as Warzone's new season, are both kicking off soon, and it looks pretty certain that the next Operator included in the Battle Pass is none other than Captain Price.

As exciting as the moustachioed maverick's arrival is, fans have been asking if John "Soap" MacTavish could be next.

The protagonist of much of the original trilogy of Modern Warfare titles from last-gen, Soap was hinted at in the end scene of Modern Warfare's campaign.

Warzone Season 4: Is Soap being added as an Operator?

Bad news, detergent-based soldier fans – there's a good chance Soap will end up making it to Warzone, but it likely won't be part of Season 4.

That's because each season tends to offer one main new Operator. Season 2 was Ghost, Season 3 was Alex, and Season 4 looks set to be Captain Price.

We'd expect a little more fanfare before Soap's return to the franchise, and the fact that Price seems to be the focal point of Season 4 looks to rule him out of arriving now.

It's not impossible, though, so stay frosty, and there's always the chance we'll get Gaz in the coming months too, as well as the likes of the villainous Victor Zakhaev or General Shepherd.

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