Warzone RPD Loadout, Best Attachments, Setup And Class To Use

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The RPD is a familiar entry in Call of Duty, having appeared in COD4 and most recently, Warzone! While many may see it more as a zombie-slaying machine, the RPD is a monster in Verdansk too.

Work first began on the weapon back in 1943 and was used in service by the Soviets until 1961.


While many will overlook this powerful LMG, it can easily contend with the best mid-range weaponry as Season 5 Reloaded the popular battle royale gets underway.

In this guide, find the best RPD attachments alongside the best RPD Warzone loadout!

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The RPD is one of the smaller LMGs in the category but its compact nature makes it one of the most mobile LMGs in Warzone.

Its accuracy and damage statistics are some of the highest out of the LMGs, but its often sporadic hip-fire accuracy makes it widely ineffective in any close-quarters situation. While it may lack at close-range, the RPD is immensely strong in any mid-range engagement, often contesting players armed with an assault rifle.

With a variety of attachments to select in the Gunsmith, what are the best attachments that allow players to excel with the RPD?


RPD Warzone Best Attachments

  • GRU Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 20.3" Match Grade (Barrel)
  • SUSAT Multizoom (Optic)
  • Spetsnaz Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Serpent Wrap (Rear Grip)

This particular combination of attachments will enable you to dominate any mid-range engagements that you will enter during a match.

With improvements to damage output, accuracy, and reaction times, the RPD may well replace an assault rifle in many loadouts thanks to its incredible versatility.

RPD Warzone Best Loadout


1911 (Black Ops Cold War)

  • Muzzle Brake .45 APC (Muzzle)
  • 6.45” Reinforced Heavy (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Laser)
  • Speed Tape (Rear Grip)
  • Salvo 14 Rnd Fast Mag (Ammunition)

Considering how effective the RPD is in mid-range action, there isn’t much need for a second primary weapon, which is why we have selected the 1911 pistol from Black Ops Cold War.

This small, yet mighty, pistol is more than capable of dealing a wealth of damage in close-quarters scenarios when the RPD may not be a viable choice.


  • C4 (Lethal)
  • Heartbeat Sensor (Tactical)

In recent seasons, the use of C4 has slowly become more popular thanks to its ability to clear out buildings and destroy the majority of vehicles with a simple flick of a switch.

Heartbeat Sensors have become the metagame in Warzone and are perfect for keeping track of any enemies that could be lurking within the nearby area.



  • EOD (Perk 1)
  • Ghost (Perk 2)
  • Amped (Perk 3)

When in a mid-range duel with an opponent, it’s more than likely that you will come under fire from a grenade or two. EOD increases your resistance to explosives, enabling you to stay in the action for a longer period of time.

Ghost will conceal your location from any enemy UAVs in the sky while Amped increases weapon swap speed which is ideal when you encounter an enemy attempting to ambush you in a building.