Call of Duty Warzone Plunder Tips and Tricks: Rack up the cash in Warzone's Plunder mode

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Call of Duty: Warzone, the franchise's second crack at Battle Royale, is racking up the downloads since launching earlier this month.

While the main Battle Royale is a clear hit, many will have missed the second mode included in the package – Plunder.


This offers an entirely new way to play in the game's huge map – here's how to rack up the kills, the loot, and the victories.

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Call of Duty Warzone: Plunder Guide

What Is Plunder?


Plunder is a game mode that focuses on securing amounts of cash, and takes place on the main battle royale map.

Unlike battle royale, players can respawn. That means while you lose your loot when you die, you can jump straight back in and try to reclaim it.

You can loot cash, earn it from kills, and get paid from Contracts. The team with the most cash wins, but they'll also be highlighted on the map.

Plunder Tips and Tricks


Team Goals

If your squad isn't the best in a firefight, or they're not interested in looting cash from dozens of buildings, play to their strengths or interest.

For example, you can aim to complete contacts or loot buildings, or go in guns blazing. Get a strategy together before you jump in.

Watch The Map


Plunder's top two teams are shown in your score tracker, and they'll also be highlighted every few seconds – painting a target on their backs.

Keep checking the map for their approximate location, and beware – they'll often hunker down and defend an area, so check your corners!

Defensive Strategy

The same applies to you, of course, so it's worth keeping some defensive items in reserve. Claymores, stun grenades or even a UAV can make all the difference in buying you extra time.


You can use buy stations to pick up some of these items, but just remember these are likely to be hotspots.

Bank Bank Bank!

We can't stress this enough, but if you don't bank your cash you'll struggle to get a victory.

Deposit zones are all located on the map, and getting your cash to one of these will ensure it can't be stolen if you or your teammates are slain.