Call of Duty Warzone: Cheating Has Been Made Harder With Two-Step Authentication

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Cheating just became harder on PC thanks to Infinity Ward's pledge to crack down on cheaters.

Now new Warzone players will need to verify their accounts via two-step SMS authentication.


Infinity Ward Crack Down On Cheaters

In a tweet, Infinity Ward has added a security measure for new Warzone players to avoid cheaters.

"Security Update: We have initiated two-step SMS authentication for new #Warzone PC users, who log in as free to play as another step to provide an additional layer of security for players."


This is great news for the frustrated players within Warzone, as of late; mainly on PC.

It's evidently far easier to cheat on PC and with the game being free it's clearly a much bigger target for those cheaters.

Spinning up new accounts is far too simple and this security measure will no doubt limit the number of cheaters that get banned and create new accounts.