Call of Duty: Warzone: Novi Grazna Hills Location Guide – Best Loot Spots, Tips, Tricks and Strategy for the Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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Call of Duty: Warzone s available across all platforms and players are dropping into the new 150-player battle royale game.

Found south of the Barakett Promenade are the Novi Grazna Hills.

The south-eastern corner of the map is a quieter area of the map if you’re looking for a place to find a strong loadout before heading towards the centre of the map for a fight with another team.

With several small clusters of buildings located around the whole area, expect to find plenty of loot but be aware of any enemies attempting an ambush or that decide to land nearby.

If you’re struggling to make the most of this quiet location, here are some handy tips and tricks to help you and your team get on the road to victory.

Hills Map

Points of Interest

  • 42 - Kart Racing Track
  • 43 - Military Outpost
  • 44 - Substation and Comms Tower
  • 45 - Parking Lot
  • 46 - Zozsni Spomenik (Coastal War Memorial)
  • 47 - Farmstead (Coast)
  • 49 - Home Construction Site
  • 50 - Upper Suburbs Apartments and Offices
  • 51 - Electronics Shack and Pharmacy
  • 52 - Hillside Home and Gas Station (South)
  • 53 - Dedushka’s House
  • 54 - Novi Grazna Hills Circle
  • 55 - Great Aunt’s House
  • 56 - Police Station
  • 57 - Apartment Block
  • 58 - Fire Station 19


Vehicle & Buy Locations

Best Landing & Loot Locations

Kart Racing Track (42)

Found at the far eastern side of the area is the Kart Racing Track. Although there’s only one building this side of the main road, the track is still a lucrative landing spot and is often very quiet in comparison to other locations.


As well as the potential of finding a legendary loot crate inside the building, there is plenty of weaponry to be found on and off track.

Close by is an ATV just south of the building. If a lot of teams land here, then competition for the fastest way out of the area gets intense but once the initial chaos has subsided, then it is very easy to rack up a very high amount of kills very quickly.

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Home Construction Site (49)

Compared to the Kart Track, the Home Construction Site provides a lot more cover and is in a more central location, allowing faster access to the main roads and areas north of the hills.

With a total of seven buildings to loot, there is plenty of equipment for you and your team to use, allowing you to advance to the apartments and offices safe in the knowledge that you and your comrades will be able to take down any advancing enemies with ease.

Keep a lookout for Contracts to complete for a cash bonus, allowing you to secure killstreaks and much more at one of the several Buy Stations that can be found in the area.

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Great Aunt’s House (55)

One of the more secluded locations is Great Aunt’s House. With views of the central locations of the area from the roof, it makes this particular building a strong vantage point for snipers and any players with long-range weaponry to excel.


South of the house is an ATV, which is perfect for escaping when pinned down from multiple angles and a very effective way for you and a teammate to make a quick extraction further up the map, depending on where the circle is on the map.

Here’s a top tip. Keep all doors of the building closed to make it look like nobody’s home and use claymores and C4 as the first line of defence. A well-placed deployable cover can provide additional cover when peeking out of one of the windows on the first floor of the house.

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Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Take Cover!

When landing at the Kart Racing Track, using every last piece of cover is essential when attempting to traverse the land.

Use the trees, rocks and the colour of the terrain to blend into the ground as much as possible to avoid any chance of an enemy picking you off.

Behind Closed Doors

If you and your team are held up in a building and looking for an advantageous position, keep all doors shut to make sure it looks like nobody has landed here or looted the building.

This is a great way of drawing enemies to your location and if you’ve set up the inside of the building effectively, there’s a chance that you can deal some serious damage and score plenty of kills.

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