Call of Duty Warzone: RPGs Buffed Instead Of Being Nerfed

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Modern Warfare Season 3 is coming to a close, but the game keeps growing and still has a few surprises left in the season including a nerf that has gone wrong.

The recent 1.21 patch was intended to nerf RPGs to make them less viable, but one YouTuber has found that it's essentially done the opposite.

RPGs Buffed?


TheXclusiveAce, famed for his analysis of weapons in the Call of Duty franchise, found that while the damage radius was reduced by a pretty paltry 10%, it's direct hit damage was boosted by two-thirds.

That means that while an RPG may not kill someone 9 metres or further from the explosion, it's actually more powerful now.

You can check out the analysis video below, with the unexpected buff bringing back memories of the 725 shotgun late last year.