Call of Duty: Warzone: Everything We Know About Modern Warfare's Battle Royale Mode

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Call of Duty Season 2 launched yesterday, but just as quickly as it arrived it has been forgotten about as leakers suggest that a Battle Royale is on its way.

Allegedly known as Call of Duty: Warzone, that name leaves the "Modern Warfare" title out because it's allegedly a standalone release that'll be entirely free-to-play, but can be accessed through the Modern Warfare menu.


Lending credence to this rumour is the appearance of a new "Classified" menu option within Modern Warfare.

Blackout, Call of Duty Black Ops 4's take on Battle Royale, was well-received and translated the buttery smooth combat of the franchise to a huge map – could Infinity Ward's effort eclipse Treyarch's?


Here's a few key things that have been reported, courtesy of @TheGamingRevoYT on Twitter.

  • Players drop from an AC-130.
  • There could be as many as 200 players, but this is unconfirmed.
  • The map is scheduled to be three times the size of the one in Blackout and feature remade Modern Warfare 2 maps. In fact, the Modern Warfare subreddit put together this image which features multiple Spec-Ops and Ground War missions stitched together to make this huge map.
  • The closing play area will be cut off by a ring of green poison gas.
  • Perks will return in some capacity, as will vehicles.
  • There will be a Battle Royale tutorial that takes place in an area called Armistice Training Facility

Recent rumours suggest the Battle Royale could be unveiled shortly and the size of the recent update suggests it could be ready to go shortly.

On PS4, it's 51GB, on Xbox One it's 68GB and on PC it's 67GB – so could the Battle Royale already be on our systems now?


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