Call of Duty Warzone Season 5: How To Level Up Battle Pass Quickly In Battle Royale On PS4, Xbox And PC

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Warzone has entered Season 5 and a new battle pass is now available.

With the new battle pass comes plenty of new items to kit out your loadouts, Operators and vehicles.


But how can you finish it in record time?

Here's how to level it up quickly.

Rack Up Kills And Loot Frequently

The best way to level up fast is to get plenty of kills in the game, so you'll need to play an active part in the game.


You will also receive XP for getting assists and it's likely this will be rewarded for marking enemies.

If you find loot crates, you'll also get bonus XP for opening them.

Finish Strong

The higher your rank, the more you'll earn towards your Battle Pass. With plenty of squads to battle, you'll want to survive as long as you can for the bigger rewards – although we'd imagine you'll earn some XP just for completing a match.


This tends to be a reoccurring theme in most battle royale modes.

Contract Dispute

Warzone offers missions within its matches called Contracts. These can be as simple as looting a certain number of chests, holding an area of interest, or racking up kills, but each will offer an impressive XP bonus for completion.

Cash Incentive

Cash is a big part of Warzone, and it can earn you weapons, killstreaks, and even another chance when you're dead.


We don't know yet how it'll tie into your battle pass but expect bonuses based on how much cash you make or how much you spend in a match.